Devil's Breath, or Scopolamine - Ultimate Drug for Crooks

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Devil's Breath, or Scopolamine - Ultimate Drug for Crooks

Postby UnHab on Fri Nov 07, 2008 5:20 pm

Imagine a drug that turns people under its influence into zombies that will follow any order given to them, that leaves its victims with absolutely no memory of what they have done after its effects wear off. Devil's Breath, extracted from the Colombian Borrachera tree, is also known as Scopolamine in its refined pharmaceutical form. In very low doses it is used as an anti-motion sickness drug in transdermal patches, but in higher doses it has unbelievable effects: victims have been known to extract their entire life savings, to give away all the possessions in their apartment, and, worst of all, kill - just because they were asked. This is the ultimate Evil Mastermind drug, allegedly once used in interrogation experiments by Joseph Mengele and the CIA.

This 2 part "drugumentary" by VBS.TV examines the different ways it is used by the criminal underworld in Bogota, Colombia, "Kidnapping Capital of the World".

Watch it here.
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