Pickpockets in Barcelona

Scammed in Barcelona? Share your stories here.

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Pickpockets in Barcelona

Postby JoeClark on Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:13 pm


when we were in Paris we witnessed the "ring scam." Two tourists were walking down the street. A guy comes up behind them, reached to the ground and says, "Madame, madame, you dropped this." He opens his hand to show a beautiful "diamond" ring. She says it's not hers. He says, "It must be yours." When she finally takes the ring, he holds out his hand, and says, "Reward?" The couple give the man 20 euro, then leave.
Five minutes later, the same guy is calling out to another couple, "Madame, madame, you dropped this."
It turns out the rings are cheap trinkets.
Has anyone who was on a prior TA or Med cruise on Disney heard of guests who suffered pickpocketing, petty theft or scams in Barcelona or parts of Europe?
Please help.

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