Tweezer Reacher in Sevilla

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Tweezer Reacher in Sevilla

Postby KOVAKS on Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:47 pm

Contributed by Bob Vernon:

My wife recently witnessed a pickpocket with a different technique in Seville. She was in Rota on business last week and went with a group of colleagues over to Seville to shop, see a bullfight & dine. While they were walking near the bullring, they saw saw a man move up behind another and reach into the pocket. The pickpocket utilized some sort of thin plastic tweezer about 10 inches long. The group my wife was with all yelled, the thief dropped the wad of bills and he ran. The startled the victim chased him out of sight after picking up his money strewn on the sidewalk. The pickpocket was an older gentleman who was tall, dark and thin and was very well dressed in a suit and tie.
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