Boring Madrid

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Boring Madrid

Postby FINK on Fri Jan 30, 2009 8:21 pm

Madrid is supposedly one of the most safest cities in all of >Europe, and since I have lived I have seen very little crimes, jams, scams, riddlers, frog spikes, middle man jobs, russian roulettes, short stick dynamites, rattlesnake jugglers, or pikpockets for that matter.... so I will share the few things I have seen....... Well during Christmas there seemed to be a lot more liquor bottles on the streets... and there also seemed to be alot more short thug looking grangers walking smuggly through the supermarket isles, but then to start a fast paced walk as soon as they hit the sliding doors of trhe exit...and there also seemed to more of the supermarket ladies running after these strangers. On one incident there was 3 bottles og LJENDARO dropped on the stairs and the theif tripped and rolled down the find the security guard at the bottom facing him.... Thats all I have observed here in the middle of Spain... except for the occasional jump over the bar at the metro...... So I guess its safe to say... Madrid is one of the safer big cities in Europe.............

Re: Boring Madrid

Postby yellowrain87 on Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:25 am

Madrid, the city of joy and something political. When I'm here, I feel that the time goes slower.
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