Mustard Attack in Madrid

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Mustard Attack in Madrid

Postby KOVAKS on Wed Sep 17, 2008 5:25 pm

Contributed by Dorothy Paige:

I was in Madrid in December 2001 and your web page really prepared me for Madrid. On my second day in Madrid I was near the Reina Sofia Museum trying to buy a scarf from an Asian street vendor for 1500 ptas when someone came up to me (a Spanish man ) and said "oh, it is bad, look" I had mustard all over my backpack and my jacket. I had all my money under my clothes so there was no way to get anything. I had my backpack locked with a small travel padlock. I took the bag off and held on to it tight and walked away quickly and went to the Dunkin Donuts nearby (across from Atocha Station) and wiped it off. The guy realized I wasn't an idiot and ran off fast. A little later two Gitaines did the I am lost, help me find the way on this map scam. They asked me in Spanish if I spoke Spanish and I said "no" (even though I can speak Spanish), then they switched to asking for help in English. I yelled "NO" at them and then they disappeared very quickly.

Even though I had a padlock on my backpack (which contained my camera and film only) it seemed like it was slightly apart a few times like people had tried to open it as I walked.

The chestnut seller to the right of the stairs coming down from the Reina Sofia sold me chestnuts for 250 pesetas two days in a row and on the third day tried to not give me back my 50 ptas change. I told him I wanted my change and he did return it to me but from then on I bought them from another chestnut seller down the street.

I love Madrid and want to go back again soon despite the mustard attack.
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Re: Mustard Attack in Madrid

Postby Sunshine Sam on Sat Feb 28, 2009 9:16 am

Last month I was in Madrid for business brought along my wife too. I was really impressed by the city and actually found it safe compared to some parts of my native Los Angeles. In 10 days we did see 2 or 3 snatchings in the center near Plaza del Sol, but nothing ever happend to us, and we went out a lot. One guy in my group though got hit by the mustard attackers. He says they used something that looked like liquid soap, but the method they used was exactly the same as the one in this story. They didn't get him either but they did ruin his suit!
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Re: Mustard Attack in Madrid

Postby zurkan on Fri Apr 10, 2015 12:01 pm

I pretty much heed this advice wherever I travel because their number one objective is to get as close to the victim as possible to make it easier to steal their money or belongings.

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