Cup Shufflers & Ringers in Tenerife

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Cup Shufflers & Ringers in Tenerife

Postby KOVAKS on Wed Sep 17, 2008 5:52 pm

Contributed by Matt Lambert:

I recently went on holiday to Tenerife and saw a new twist to this scam. The shuffler and ringers were actually a distraction for pickpockets working the small crowd.

While some people stopped to watch (they wouldn't play because it is such an 'obvious' scam) the pick pockets were cruising this group.

I quietly spoke to one woman whose hand bag was held in a way that was asking to be robbed. But was to afraid to make a big hoo-haa as there were also some heavies keeping watch/standing guard.

Later the same evening I saw the aftermath of an arrest of some scammers pulling the same stunt. The police had handcuffed 3 people and had laid out quite a number of wallets and mobile phones and were searching the box/stand that had supported the game.

Maybe they had become so complacent that they didn't even 'pass them' off to be kept somewhere else.

Hope this helps people being drawn into a scam by watching the other one.
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